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Research Areas

Bayesian network inference algorithms

PDE code generators and optimizers for scientific applications

Compilers: code analysis and optimization

XML Web services: high-performance XML processing, code-generation tools, and applications

Software engineering: software design metrics

Funding (selection)

NSF CCF-0702435 Collaborative Research: Flow-Sensitive Program Analysis for Speculative Parallelization, FSU & UT San Antonio (R. van Engelen, K. Gallivan, and K. Psarris)

NSF CNS-0551555 Acquisition of an Infiniband Cluster with SMP Nodes (X. Yuan and R. van Engelen)

DOE DE-FG02-02ER25543 Early Career Principal Investigator Award: Creating a new Generation of Software Development Environments, Compilers, and Algorithms for High Performance Computing, Networking, and Data Management (R. van Engelen)

NSF CCR-0208892 Collaborative Research: Branch Elimination by Condition Merging (D. Whalley, R. van Engelen, X. Yuan, and M. Bailey)

NSF CCR-0105422 Improving Symbolic Analysis of Restructuring Compilers (R. van Engelen and K. Gallivan)

NSF CCR-9904943 Automatic Validation of Code Improving Transformations and Related Applications (D. Whalley, R. van Engelen, and X. Yuan)


8 node PS3 cluster in ACIS lab

15 node dual-core AMD Athlon 1800+ cluster

High-Performance Computing at FSU

18 node 2.33 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon E5345 (8 cores per node)
See also the MPI project at FSU

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